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Xinban Special District


The “New Banqiao Station Special Zone” shopping area is right outside the Taipei Metro Banqiao Station. This is the administration center, shopping center, and transport hub of New Taipei City. In the New Banqiao Station Special Zone, visitors can fulfill their shopping and entertainment demands. The “Mega City Banqiao” opened in 2012 is the largest department store in the zone. Inside the store, there are the booths of all luxury brands and restaurant chains, such as Ding Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan. Moreover, the “Global Mall” inside the station is a leisure spot for shopping, fun, and fine foods. The food court on basement level one has all kinds of snacks and souvenirs. On the first and second floors, there are stores of sports and casual wear labels, fashion shops, and bookstores. If delicacies are desired, the outdoor restaurant on the second floor is the most comfortable and most fashionable option.

It is noteworthy that on every Christmas Eve, this place will become the “Christmasland of New Taipei City” where light shows and performances by the most famous local singers are presented and a series of Christmas-related activities are held. When visiting here at the end of the year, don’t mist this annual spectacular event!

Various Taiwanese surveys show that the “Christmasland of New Taipei City” is the No. 1 Christmas attraction and has been recognized by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications as one of Taiwan’s most representative international events.

The above pictures and texts are taken from the New Taipei City Tourism Website.