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Zhonghe Hongludi (Earth God Temple)


Zhonghe Hongludi (Earth God Temple) is located in Nanshijiao Mountain, which is 300 meters above sea level. The broad view here makes it a famous tourist attraction for watching the Greater Taipei skyline at night. It is also the most popular temple for wealth wishing in northern Taiwan.Hongludi enshrines the Earth God, the fertility goddess, and the god of mountains in its main hall. God of Fortune Temple enshrines five different God of  Wealth, the God of Culture and Literature, and Yuelao (God of Love and Marriage). Visitors can see the biggest statue of the Earth God in Taiwan here. Furthermore, if you walk up the stone stairs to the main hall, you will see the big ingot in the hand of the large 2 m-tall Earth God statue. The ingot has been touched so many times that it becomes smooth and shiny. It is said that touching the ingot will bring you luck with prosperity all year round!Hongludi is also called Nanshijiao Mountain (302m MSL). Nanshan Fude Temple was built by Chinese Zhangzhou immigrants. Nanshijiao was not developed at all then. It was meant to safeguard the surrounding areas by building the Fude Temple overlooking the Taipei basin. The temple was named Hongludi (literally “stove land” in Chinese) because the two peaks protruding from the rear left and right of the temple looked like a stove.Praying to the Earth God at this Temple is allegedly very efficacious, more and more worshippers are thus attracted to visit this Temple. Almost everyone coming in this mountain is visiting the temple. This has caused an interesting phenomenon that the paths to the temple are built for the increasing worshippers later than the temple.

The above pictures and texts are taken from the New Taipei City Tourism Website.